Living with coprolalia is tough

My 9-year-old son was diagnosed with TS one year ago. He had motor tics since he was 2, but last year out came the vocal tics (spitting, coprolalia). He also has OCD making him have rituals and trouble leaving the house.

His current symptoms are smelling things; coprolalia; copropraxia; eye, head, mouth, hand and arm tics; goodbye ritual; and trouble leaving the house because he “feels” he has to go to the bathroom and can’t leave the bathroom.

He sees monsters coming to get him, gets what we call the wiggles during homework time (I scribe for him) where his hands start wiggling but then continues through his whole body. He is constantly having to stand on the back of chairs and yesterday brought home a bent box of Kleenex saying he has a tic to have to take it home.

I’m sure I’ve left things out but wanted to give you a good idea of what he’s going through. I’m trying to get his siblings to be more supportive, but living with coprolalia in the home is tough on all. I’m hoping to learn from what others have experienced and also have a safe place to talk about these disorders. Thanks!


  1. Hi Sara and Gracie. We have several articles on our Neurologically Gifted site (http://neurologicallygifted.com). We discuss the nature of coprolalia, as well as strategies for the individual with coprolalia and strategies for others to help manage and cope with this symptom. Please check us out or connect with us on Facebook.
    Ken Shyminsky

  2. I’ve seen coprolalia come up a lot lately. Is it just a very popular topic right now, or are there more than the 10-15 % of people they say only have it?

  3. We are in the middle of a big outbreak of coprolalia and copropraxia and it is very hard to deal with the school. If there are other good resources on the topic, I’d love to hear about them

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