Internet petition circulating to help stop turning Tourette into a joke

The media in all its guises uses the word Tourettes to reference any use of bad language. The inability to control sounds and movements is seen as humorous and indeed with Christmas approaching the books ‘Pets with Tourettes’ has put in a reappearance along with a new ‘More Pets with Tourettes’.

This total lack of understanding of a condition which is debilitating, socially excluding and at times extremely painful shows a lack of intellectual rigor and indeed journalistic laziness. This situation could not happen to people who are in wheelchairs or with a whole host of other conditions.

By signing this petition you will not only be helping us to approach publishers and journalists to change their ways but, if enough people sign, we may be able to start a petition to government to protect people living with Tourette Syndrome to the degree they deserve.

Tourette Syndrome isn’t a joke. Stop making it one. Sign your name here.


  1. I will sign. I am also now at the point when I see people make fun of T.S. that I get angry instead of sad. Why? Because my kid is kick butt strong – way stronger than fools who are ignorant enough to taunt things they don’t understand.

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