“I’m gonna have more friends now” because of Youth Advocate presentation in New Jersey

Last week, my daughters Anna and Sarah gave a TS Youth Ambassador Presentation.  Like all of the ones they have given before, I sat in the audience and watched the faces of the kids as they learn about TS.  They have given well over 20 presentations, and each one has been a success.

The girls talk about TS, what it’s like to live with it and how important it is to treat people with respect. Then, they do a quick activity to let the kids have a chance to see how hard it is to do work when you have TS. (We love watching the teachers try and do this also!) At the end, there are always questions from the students. This is my favorite part because this is when I can watch the stereotypes get washed away.

The questions asked show that the kids are really interested and want to learn more about it. My children have not been bullied about their TS.  Mainly, I believe, because of the fact that they take the time to educate their peers about TS.

This presentation was given because there is a child in the school with TS who has been having a hard time.  The kids get to ask the girls questions about TS and not worry about hurting their feelings or seeming rude.  This opens up the dialogue for the kids in school.  All of the children are given a “TS Fact Sheet” to take home so that the parents can continue the discussion.

Anna and Sarah know that they are doing good things by speaking about this, but yesterday, they were able to see it with their own eyes.  After the presentation, the child for which it was given came up and met the girls.  After talking with them for a couple of minutes, he said, “I think I’m gonna have more friends now because of you”.  His mother sent me a picture of his daily journal:

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