Emotional and sensory support

The conference I attended last weekend was amazing. Four hours of great speakers and information — enough to fill a binder — and I still want to hear more. I learned some valuable information about how a child’s emotional development is so deeply intertwined with their sensory system.

The most important thing I learned is to evaluate on a daily basis where my children’s emotional level is operating and then offer sensory input that will help regulate their system to support their emotional needs! Does that make sense? No? Ask me and I will tell you more!

Speaking of sensory issues, do you have a sensory-seeking child and a dog who is not such a great leash walker? Well let me tell you what a perfect pair that makes! The boy was getting very silly inside and a little hyped up. A short walk with our little dog Lola after dinner was just what we all needed :) Lola pulls just a bit so he has to use his voice and body in a gentle but firm way to redirect her. The best part is that he takes pride in doing this “the right way.”

64274_410463602369157_56496465_nThe boy also likes playing games. He and his occupational therapist played a game together the other day, as you can see in the picture above. In the last month, he has hugged her goodbye once, used her name when speaking to her and asked to “play a game on the big boat together”. He did some really nice turn taking with conversation, too. I’m a proud momma!

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