I want to help others who need help with TS

I happen to run across this site when I was searching on the web about tics and twitches for myself. I read some of the stories about how the parents are trying to cope with the behaviors their kids are going through, and I can relate to every one of them. I would love to participate because I have been living with tics and twitches all my life.

As far back as I can think of, about 5 or 6 years old, my mom was taking me to a few different doctors that could not put their hands on what was wrong with me. But a few years later, my mom stated to me she was told I have a form of tics and twitches, and maybe a mild case of Tourette.

I was not that educated on any of these problems. I have been going through this all my life, but now at the age of 42, the tics and twitches are getting even worse. I can’t control what I do at times because when I do the tic, it gives me a sense of relief and keeps repeating itself. Not sure why in my older age mine is getting worse.

I’m constantly asked, “Why do you do that?” I let them know, and sometimes I am asked if I have allergy problems. Sometimes I am teased about it. I am a teller at a bank, and I love what I do because I love helping people. At least half of the day, I am asked by customer why I do what I’m doing.

I sniff all day, I twitch my nose, I squeeze my hands close, I tend to take my arm and hit my breast with it, I hit my back side from time to time, I nudge my neck from side to side, I squeeze my feet, and last I squeeze the top part of my legs close tightly. These are all the things I go through on a daily basis and have been doing them all my life.

I never knew if there was medicine that can help me with this condition or even slow it down because it does become annoying at times. I cry all the time hoping one day they will stop. I would love to tell my story to anyone with this condition or have kids with this condition.


  1. I definitely think you should pursue treatment. It seems to work for so many people. And listen to Andrea. She knows what she’s talking about!

    • Hello Andrea, I haven’t had any treatment in years because the tics wasn’t as bad. but for some reason they are getting really bad now. I am on vacation this week from work, and will try to see a doctor to see what is going on. Thank you so much for responding. I’m really happy I found this site. Do you have anyone in your family suffering with this condition?

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