How can an IEP request be turned down when it’s obvious?!

We’ve had a rocky start to the homeschooling process. Corey was down with the sickness for a couple of days, then it took me out completely (thanks Methotrexate, lovely medication right there! NOT!!!). Now, I’m looking at this, all compared with the grades he got all school year at the public school — horrible institution, ask for an IEP and despite him having a prior diagnosis of ADHD, he was denied, despite his troubles, because they wanted the official TS diagnosis before they would initiate one — and I’m thinking Corey needs to restart 3rd grade from the beginning and work though it all summer to catch up.

I cannot for the life of me understand how an IEP request was turned down for him the first few times I asked when, by law with the ADHD diagnosis alone it should have been awarded. He’s so smart, but I feel like he’s fallen behind because he was denied the help he was entitled to from the start.

I’m thinking of contacting a lawyer on this. But would it do any good? I was talking to another mother who is familiar with the district today and was told I’m not the first to pull a child because of the school’s inability to facilitate a child’s needs. Maybe the district is due for an investigation? Perhaps some calls need to be made. Apparently no one else has the guts, so I guess it’s up to me.

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