Hope floats while summer rolls on

So far, it’s been a pretty good summer. I’ve been off-and-on sick for the past few months but finally got on some antibiotics and am starting to feel better.

Jacob is doing well. His tics are about the same. His cousins have been here for the past few weeks, and his cousin told me that Jacob kept waking him up with “beat boxing.”

The next morning, I went in and heard what he was talking about … Jacob’s vocal tics. They are definitely more noticeable lately, but I haven’t seen any new tics. That’s probably more from the fact he’s been keeping busy with his cousins. They’re leaving next weekend, so I’m sure his tics will go into overdrive, and they are always worse when he’s sad — which unfortunately happens when his cousins go home.

I got a job offer the other day to be a PPCD (Preschool Program for Children With Disabilities) teacher, and of course I accepted. I’m excited but nervous.

Overall, I’m always going to be Jacob’s advocate, and I feel bad that I haven’t kept up with the Embracing Difference page on Facebook as much as I was when I first started. Life got busy, but we still haven’t lost hope that one day TS will be met with more acceptance.

Above all else, we hope that children with TS will be more accepting of the way God created them and live life in such a way that it doesn’t matter how the world views them. It only matters how much they see their worth in the whole scheme of things.

I know that Jacob is meant to do wonderful things in this world, and I will keep pushing him to see his potential. He starts middle school in one month!

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