Help! We need to relocate to Denver for our Tourette son

CoreyCorey has Tourette Syndrome Plus. The plus means he has co-morbid disorders accompanying the TS. He has OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and mood disorder w/ bipolar features. His former school could not facilitate his needs, causing him to be discharged from school. This means mommy can’t work and has to homeschool.

Corey is a very loving, caring and charismatic young man who would do anything for anyone. The family wishes to relocate to Denver, Colorado, so that Corey will have access to better health-care professionals, as well as special schools which are specifically designed for special needs children.

It would mean so much to him to get to go back to school and make friends again! Please help us give Corey a better chance at a normal life! We would also like to get Corey a service dog! You can help us out by clicking here.

If you’re wondering about the picture, this was Corey about a year ago when he was being prepped for surgery to reconstruct what was left of the tip of his thumb. A sensory-type tic which causes him to rub the tip of his thumb along surfaces which he finds pleasurable or which appear as though they may cause a pleasurable response took hold of him while he was in my dad’s shop.

I was at work and he was sick so my dad was sitting and felt sorry for him being bored in the house with grandma, so he broke his own rule and allowed a child in the shop. He had just finished working on a bench grinder, cut the power and put the guards up and turned his back to grab something.

Unfortunately, the grinder was still powering down, and Corey just had to know what it felt like. It grabbed his thumb and literally ground the tip bone and nail bed off, down to just above his knuckle. He still has enough of his thumb to allow full function, thankfully, but was so traumatized that he will now not go within 10 feet of the shop door.

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  1. So scary….sorry to hear about wanting to move, but there have to be good schools and programs in nj somewhere….

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