Going to battle alone

Hello, my name is Candy. I am the mother of three kids and my oldest son, 23 years old, has ADD. My daughter, 16 years old, is doing great in school. And my youngest is 9 1/2 and he has ADHD and was just diagnosed with TS. I’m a bit overwhelmed with it all, and having in-laws whom cannot except anything that there is anything wrong. They don’t know about the TS yet. My husband is also hard to except this as well. I feel like I’m going to battle alone! Any help would be wonderful. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Hang in there, try to find either a friend going through similar difficulties. You might be surprised how common this is.

  2. Hey Candy, its a great grief to see a lone warrior fighting for a kins betterment. I’m touched with the fact that only a mother can understand a child and its the universal truth believe it or not..reading and searching about the TS and found no treatment as its a new kind of a syndrome which is very rarely seen….what your child need Candy is a proper neurologist..Dr.Padmaja Aradhya Neurologist NYC take an appointment with her…she will make things better as she helped my little sister in treatment of seizures, she’s simply amazing!

  3. Hi my names koi I was diagnosed with Ts at the age of 7. Its very hard to deal with but it’s so possible with the full support of family and love. I took all the meds and went therapy it don’t help, the pills will make things worse it’s only a bandage I learned to control my own with diet change which is key many people usually will have a bad diet which has a big effect on ts. I’ll explain my situation ts is a chemical imbalance in the brain which sends a miss fire in the wrong direction in turn will make you feel like doing tic or twitch or blink or head knock and even bang the hands on things. Ts makes it hard I mean really hard to focus but you can easily help your son control and have a great future. I had my moms support my whole life which helped fully my dads support came a little later as he slowly understood. People have a hard time understanding because there’s a lot of misunderstanding and stereo types. People who don’t have it won’t understand but they can understand with and open heart. I’ll share this as I was going through therapy at the age of 7 by the time I turn 9 my grandmother pulled me out and told me this will only handy cap me what I mean is put the thought in my head that I need help. She took me out along with my mom and dad and raised me normal and was very tough on me that’s a good thing. We’re not different then others but we do have special qualities that come with ts. There’s usually extra loving and sometimes super focus on things that interest them they the need to protect love ones and be there for family and friends when ever they need help and are good listeners. There’s millions and millions with ts but there a lot who won’t admitt or was never told they from a doctor. It’s not hard to spot once you get use to. One diet change starts now anything that rattles the nerves like all sodas candy process sugar and caffeine all types. There’s a big difference with a clean diet and finding good way to stay relaxed and calm makes a big difference. There’s so much TV and movie stars with ts and people all around us. I’m not for any pills because I underwent all kinds of bad side effects that no mothere ever want to undergo but my mom was so loving and patient and made me wanna try harder to do my best. A part of my ts I love and another part I hate.

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