Get your “There Ain’t No Can’t” bundle today for only $10!

Jeff Feldstein packageThe “There Ain’t No Can’t” product package was created by Jeff Feldstein, whose son has Tourette Syndrome, and features a hat, T-shirt and a motivational book titled “There Ain’t No Can’t… A Tribute to a Child’s Struggle & Colossal Achievement.”

The message of the 143-book, written by Feldstein, is simple: The true secret of obtaining ANYTHING you want in life starts with a DESIRE, not a need. The story of his son, Noah, will give you back your desire to WIN… AT ANYTHING! That message is repeated in artful form on both the T-shirt, which is available in black and grey, and the hat, which is available in black and tan.

The black hat is bundled with the grey T-shirt, while the tan hat is bundled with the black T-shirt. T-shirt sizes are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Both bundles are packaged together with the book for an extraordinarily low price of just $10.

This package, which usually retails for $28 but has been made available to the Tourette Syndrome community at this special price, makes for a GREAT gift for family and friends! To have a bundle mailed to you, visit the There Ain’t No Can’t website, purchase it via PayPal and have it shipped for the total price of $16 ($10 plus $6 shipping per bundle).

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