Genetic link between Tourette and Celiac?

Here is a post from RuthieP of the Teens4TS blog. It originated on her A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome page on Facebook, which ANYONE affected by TS should join. It’s one of the best, most fast-growing TS pages on the web — period. Check out what she’s got to say:
How many of you have or have a child who has TS along with an autoimmune disorder/immune deficiency such as Celiac Disease? I just did some quick online research and read a study that said there is a genetic link between Tourette, Autism, OCD and having Celic and various other immune deficiencies/autoimmune disorders…..wow! This is very interesting to me as I was just given a preliminary diagnosis of Celic disease. Here is a link to the article for all of you guys you might be interested in reading it: http://www.grc.nia.nih.gov/branches/rrb/dna/pubs/cgoatad.pdf


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