Finding the right balance with school can be stressful

My son, who is in seventh grade, is really starting to feel the pressures of school. He has projects in almost every class. He, like most TS kids, is very smart and has all honors classes. I thought that was a good thing, but now I’m not so sure. How do you find the happy medium of challenging them without too much pressure as opposed to being bored because it’s too easy?

He was very uptight and grouchy this weekend. He just wanted to stay home and play computer games. But we had already bought tickets to go to a band concert at the local high school (his request). We went, but he really didn’t want to. It ended up being longer than we expected.

I could tell he was struggling. He put his head on my shoulder and I could feel him ticcing. It broke my heart. It’s so hard, as a parent, not being able to make it all better. Fortunately, the Christmas break is coming up soon. I hope he can relax and recharge then.


  1. Hi, I’m Alissa and Im a sophomore in college. I was diagnosed with TS late compared to others (8th grade). When I first was diagnosed, I was very embarrassed and refused to go to school for a week. By the time I got to high school, school started becoming extremely difficult. What helped me most was vocalizing. I arranged for a 504 which made me able to have extended time on exams and projects. This helped a lot. I also was able to have many class absences without being penalized so I could stay home on bad tic days. Most schools are able to accommodate you very well. I was also very friendly with the school nurse. She made it easy for me by letting me rest there when I was tired from my tics or if I just needed a break from class. Lastly, in my high school freshman year English class I wrote a paper about TS and had a friend read it aloud to the class. The paper was then published in the schools “journal” for anyone to read. This really helped me because I didn’t feel I needed to hide my tics anymore. I hope this helps!! If you need anymore help, you can email me at alissadjuliana@gmail.com

    • Alissa, thank you for your comment! Please check your e-mail, as I just sent you an opportunity that you might want to check out relating to our other blog, Teens4TS. Thanks!

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      • Thank you Alissa! Your ideas are great, I’m sure they would be very helpful for my son. I appreciate your help.

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