FantasTIC Friday No. 1: Tic, tic, tic … BOOM!

For myself, as much as to benefit others who might be looking for tic reduction, I am dedicating Fridays to all things FantasTIC about TS. This is included, but not limited to:

  • Stink’s tics
  • My emotional journey
  • My book
  • My husband’s dog
  • My beautiful daughter
  • My job search
  • My crazy nut job pit bull mix, and more…

Tics are through the roof — the worst yet

I swear, we had a great run. I mean, super great – to the point where I kind of thought “Ha ha! Stink is dodging the tween bullet of escalating tics! We’ve escaped!”

But then the school year started and he began stinking like a gym bag and eating more food than the rest of us combined, including our ridiculous buffoon of a dog. Puberty is on. And so are the tics. Really excessive vocals that sound like quacking and “hey hey hey” over and over. Head shakes. Eye rolls. Rapid talking verging on hyper. All started Monday.

My emotional journey — skip this part if you’ve had enough wine for the night

While I’d love to say I’ve remained calm, that is not true. I had a full scale melt down on my spouse yesterday. I mean, epic. It went something like this:

Me: Do you hear those sounds? They are non-stop. I’m really really worried.

Him: Yes, I hear them.

Me: But are you worried? I mean, aren’t you kind of freaked out?

Him: No, I’m not freaked out. (side note: my husband must be a robotic deaf automaton) But yes, they are bad. (side note: at least he can recognize the increase so I’m not completely nuts.)

Me: OK, we need a plan. WE. NEED. A. PLAN.

Him: We can’t fix the tics.

Me: I know! But what about a plan! Something! Anything! How about looking into medication if it doesn’t bet better?

Him: For him, or you, because this kid is fine. It’s not affecting him.

Me: It’s affecting me!

Him: Then go get some pills!

Me: How about I just start downing copious amounts of liquor! And smoke a bowl of high grade doobage. Hey, I hear doobage is great for tics.

Him: How about you just calm down and get out for a while.

Me: Fine! I will! But if this continues, and we don’t medicate it, I’m going to be getting out of this house every day for the rest of our life and that sucks!

Other choice words followed. It was not exactly Fantasy Island.

Opposite World

Someone recently told me that to break a habit one must do the opposite of what they would normally do. Often times, it means doing nothing. There are some things we are simply powerless to change. Sometimes we just have to sit in our stuff.

I agree, but here’s the thing: I don’t 100 percent believe there’s nothing I can do. Does this cause more frustration? Yes. Does it suck that I am sometimes so upset about something my kid is fine with? Yes.

For those reading that have tics or want to call me a bad mom for reacting this way, please know I feel bad about it. But like my kid who can’t help ticking, I can’t help but have this reaction. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. Sorry if I’ve offended you.

The Supplements and Diet Stink has been on for six months

  • Juice Plus vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • No gluten of any kind
  • DoTerra oils at night Sunday-Thursday, which include: Frankincense, Balance, Vetiver, InTune and Lavender. Why Sunday thru Thursday only? Stink wants a break on the weekends.
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Fish Oil

In speaking to my DoTerra rep, she mentioned the Lavender might be having an adverse reaction, so I am stopping this. I’m curious to see if, with this out of his system on the weekend, along with the other oils, if his tics will decrease.

It’s So Hard to Tell

It’s rough to know if something is causing an upswing in tics or if it’s the natural waxing and waning of the cycle.

I am tired of feeling like I’m fighting windmills with this stuff. Like I’m some Don Quixote of Tourette Syndrome off to slay an elusive dragon.

And yet, deep inside, I know… I KNOW… these suckers can be reduced by a good deal with some natural approaches.

I also know that while I can’t take it so personally (I’ve tried… I really have) it’s OK for me, as a mom, to sometimes lose my crap. I love him so much. I worry. The trick is to take care of ME so I don’t take it out on my family. You know what? Today was so hard. I mean, I cried like a baby hard, but I kissed my kid good night, ran my fingers through his ridiculously long fro, and just loved on him.

Me: Stink, do you know that out of anybody in the entire world, I’d choose you hang out with every single time?

Stink: Yeah. I am pretty awesome.

Modesty. That’s one tic he didn’t get.

What do you all do when tics increase? What are you doing naturally, or with medication, to combat the tics? I’d love to know.

Today, I will say this prayer as much for me as for you: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the tics I can’t change, change the tics I can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

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