Families affected by Tourette Syndrome wanted for new TV documentary!

The creators of the hit TV show “Undercover Boss” are searching for families where 2 or more people have Tourette Syndrome to participate in a new documentary style TV show to share awareness in a positive light.

Our goal is to bring light to this syndrome and educate people throughout the United States about Tourette. We want to show viewers that a family with Tourette lives a normal, everyday life despite the immense challenges they face.

We are conducting short casting interviews now for our project and would love to talk to you!

Please contacts us with your contact info, explain to us who in your family has Tourette and why you would be interested in participating. We ideally are looking for families that have two or more people under the same roof who have Tourette.

If that’s you and you’re interested, please contact Vanessa Garcia at 424-732-6419 or vanessa.garcia@studiolambert.com, or Sage Sinopoli at 424-732-6397 or sage.sinopoli@studiolambert.com. More information is available by visiting www.studiolambert.com.


  1. It’s great to hear that you will be doing a documentary on TS. I have a teenager who was diagnosed when he was in 2nd grade. You need to make sure you hit on the simple and complex types of TS and the other issues that are co mingled with TS; ocd, adhd, depression, anxiety. A lot of kids with TS have sleep issues too. They need help learning to cope. The whole family does and how not to implode as a family. Now with the laws about medical marijuana, that is also an issue for the some kids with TS. Some kids already partake in this and even alcohol because it is a way to escape which can be another issue all together for the family. A neurologist is not the only help someone newly diagnosed with TS needs, they need a psychiatrist and therapist. Most pediatricians are not capable of understanding the TS issue.

    I made sure that I was an advocate for my son at his school and we were lucky that they were open to trying to help him and he had great understanding friends. Not all kids are lucky with those. Good luck and I look forward to seeing this.

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