Exciting online clinical trial program for OCD

What is the OCD STOP! program? The Swinburne University of Technology Psychology Clinic in Australia has been successfully using OCD-specific Cognititive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for face-to-face treatment for some time.

Researchers and clinicians at Swinburne have developed an online version of this program called OCD STOP! The online program consists of 12 modules. You complete one module each week for the duration of the program. Modules contain downloadable video, audio, lessons and workbooks. To assist you work through the modules, you will receive an e-mail from a clinical psychology trained therapist each week.

You are invited to join OCD STOP! a free online psychological treatment specifically targeting obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The program is completely confidential, and you can continue with other treatments.
The program consists of 12 modules, and you will complete one module per week for the duration of the program. As part of the OCD STOP! program you will get:

  • 24 hour access, 7 days per week to the online program
  • Weekly e-mail support from a clinical psychology trained therapist
  • Accurate and up-to-date information about OCD
  • Information on how to control anxiety and better manage OCD
  • Downloadable video and audio (including patient stories, expert explanations and relaxation exercises)
  • Downloadable lessons and workbook exercises
  • Continued access to program content after completion

The trial is in its final stages, so this is the last chance for those wishing to be involved to do so at no cost. If you are interested in receiving this treatment at no cost, register online now.

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