Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

I try to teach my kids basic clean-up-after-yourself skills really early on, not with pressure, but with repetition and praise. Well, since forever ago — or at least the beginning of teaching the boy to put cup, plate and silverware into the sink after meals — it’s been a struggle.

He either leaves them on the counter next to the sink, throws them in with great force (ah!) or plays a weird Jenga-like game of balance in the sink. Would you believe that I have asked him repeatedly, “What is the hang up here?” with no response or a “Nothing?” Yeah.

So I asked him tonight, “What is confusing you here little guy,” expecting the same answer. He tells me, “Well, mom, there are two sides to the sink, and I don’t know which one is the REAL sink. Will you help me?”

I love him and I love him and I just love him!

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