Daily Tourette Syndrome Links: Tuesday, Jan. 24

Here are the past several days’ Tourette Syndrome-related links from websites all over the Internet. This is just another way TSParentsOnline hopes to help the parents of the TS community. Also, we are looking for more parent contributions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Girls with Tourette Syndrome-like symptoms still a mystery to parents

Another singer with Tourette gets a golden ticket for American Idol

Could TS come on in just 1 day?

Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders Support Group

Bill puts spotlight on Tourette Syndrome

Tourette & Tics: Fact vs. Fiction

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day — April 29

Stress blamed for students’ tics

Poetry helping teen blog gain worldwide notoriety

Triumph over tragedy: Living with Tourette Syndrome

Is there such a thing as “minor” TS?



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