Daily Tourette Syndrome Links: Thursday, Feb. 9

Here are the past few days’ Tourette Syndrome-related links from websites all over the Internet. This is just another way TSParentsOnline hopes to help the parents of the TS community. Also, we are looking for more parent contributions. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!

Bullied no more: Teen with Tourette Syndrome stands up for herself

Another diagnosis for teens with Tourette-like symptoms

Mystery illness strikes chord with local families

Former Marine’s Tourette Syndrome leads to school violation

More people blaming social media for Tourette-like symptoms of New York kids

Plainsboro family meets soccer star

School officials post summary of investigation into mystery New York case

Nodding disease: What do kids in Uganda and New York have in common?

Commentary: Morphing mass hysteria into a circus

Christian singer with TS nominated for Grammy Award

Taking the pending federal Tourette Syndrome legislation to the streets

TS families sing praises of annual NJCTS family retreat weekend

YouTube: Tourette awareness video

Case of mystery New York illness destroying girls’ lives

Family providing happy home for adopted boys



  1. Faith knows how severe our 11 1/2 year old son’s motor and vocal tics were. He was a premier soccer player until he developed full blown tics out of nowhere at 11 1/2. We almost lost our son by his own hands when he wanted to take medication on his own to stop his tics. His life came to a halt and he could no longer follow his passion of soccer, ski racing and of course hunting. His vocal tics would scare the deer away. He would fall down when he lost his footing. We wondered if he developed touretttes from putting lead weights in his mouth when he tie a hook on his fishing pole or was it contribute to all his strep throats. Garrett was a completely depended on an aid in school. His medication made him very tired that he couldn’t stay awake and gained thirty pounds on his slim body. He had a full time aid for three years and numerous tutors which we paid out of pocket for to try and help him stay with his class. He went to the children’s hospital in Mountainside where his cognitvie thinking etc was evaluted. Garrett’s IQ went down along with his memory and congnitive thinking, etc.
    After three years and tweaking his medication between Dr. Sandy Waran and Dr. Celeste Jacque Garrett has no signs of tourettes what so ever. He no longer needs a tutor as of this year and is a senior at Pope John High School by his choice. We were wondering how he would ever get through school with his disabilities and he has pushed through. He will be going to Sussex Community College and then a four year school. He has been in hunting magazines last year on take your kid hunting, shot a 5 by 5 elk, ttrapped beavers, ducks, turkeys, has respect from most hunters and now has a job for a year at Cliff’s ice cream. We are very fortunate he has fully recovered. I wish everyone well. We also had New Jersey Tourettes give a service program at his elementary school which was very helpful.

      • please feel free to share our story We have walked in your shoes No one can believe it’s the same boy who suffered with severe tourettes 6 th grade through the beginning of 9th. I have cried many time during our period of tourettes and so very thankful our son has no more tics and yet I feel guitly for the families whose children have tourettes. Life wasn’t fair many times during the years in school

        • please call me if I don’t respond to your emails I had a problem responding to one email. 201 230 5505 I will share my experience Garrett is free of tourettes now going on 5 years. He will be 19 in December.

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