Come up with your own Tourette Syndrome slogan!

We’ve all heard the popular Tourette Syndrome community rallying cry, “I’ve got Tourette’s, but Tourette’s doesn’t have me!” One of the many TS entities on Facebook, Help Spread the Word About Tourette Syndrome, has asked its more than 1,100 members to come up with their own slogans, and TSParentsOnline is joining that worthy bandwagon!

We encourage you to come up with your own saying and post it here as a comment for everyone to read. TSParentsOnline has received more than 10,000 hits since its inception in November 2011, so there are a lot of people out there looking to read what you have to offer! Who knows, it may be the next big thing used by the national Tourette movement!


  1. I came up with one last year that people in my Facebook support group like. I’m designing some art work to go along with it. The slogan is “GREAT MINDS TIC ALIKE”. I was thinking of an outline of a profile head. Then inside the head have names of famous people with TS with the slogan. Then of course on the back I could put any of the following NJCTS or TOURETTES AWARENESS or TSA.

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