Change is scary, but growth is necessary

Lately, when I talk with the boy about unexpected change, I try to look to nature for a visual example. It wasn’t until the other night that I made real headway with him and had an ah-ha moment of my own. Even in nature — no, mostly in nature — change is scary! It is scary and violent and at times unpredictable.

Have you ever seen one of those up-close, super-zoomed time lapses of a seedling breaking through the soil? The ground quakes and breaks apart, the seedling pushes and shoves its way through unfamiliar territory, with only the will to transform and grow driving it.

If the will of a seed can break through the earth with only the will to grow, adapt and change — scary or not — the boy and I agree that we can, too. We are both learning as we go. We are both brand new. We are both adapting. We are two strong little seeds.

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