CBIT Explained, Part 3: Who should take CBIT?

In this blog series, Steve Pally, administrator of the TSFC Forum (www.tourettesyndrome.ca), explains the basics of CBIT, or Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics. See part one here and part two here.

CBIT is ideal for individuals who feel they have one or more bothersome tics (not a tic that bothers someone else, but rather a tic that causes the individual discomfort, distress or difficulty).

CBIT also requires a self-aware individual. Self-awareness in children matures at about the age of 10 (+/-2 years), at which time they become aware when they tic or are about to tic (the premonitory urge).

Unfortunately, trained and certified CBIT therapists are limited in number and can be difficult to locate. By contacting a local TSFC affiliate (or, if you live in a place such as New Jersey, the NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome), you may learn if a CBIT therapist is practicing in your area. If there isn’t, let your own doctor or therapist know that CBIT training is available. When more people alert local medical professionals that CBIT therapy is needed, the number of competently trained CBIT therapists will increase.


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Major input from:

CBIT Training, Dr. Douglas Woods PhD, Professor and Department Head, Department of Psychology, Texas A&M University

IMG_0038-avatar--wAbout the blogger: Steve Pally was diagnosed with TS as an adult in his mid-forties. He has volunteered with TSFC for nearly three decades and currently co-administers the TSFC information and support Forum at www.TouretteSyndrome.ca. His interest in CBIT was sparked when he realized many of the strategies taught in a ten-week period in CBIT today were familiar to him, but took him decades on his own to discover them, as have many other adults with TS. That’s why he is eager to acquaint as many people as he can with CBIT so they can take advantage of recent developments for tic management.

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