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Awareness. Acceptance. Action. Advocacy. All needed when it comes to informing people about Tourette Syndrome at the national, regional, state and local level. Our Facebook page (give us a “like”! :) ) is dedicated toward these very things, especially when it comes to supporting the proposed federal Tourette Syndrome legislation.

Yes, we have a request of you. And no, it won’t take more than just a few seconds. If creating a better future for children with Tourette Syndrome is important to you, then there should be no reason why you don’t click here and support the proposed federal Tourette Syndrome legislation.

You can leave your Congressional representative a note just like this one and show them that Tourette Syndrome legislation is important to you, just like it is in Kansas:

lam198 in Kansas’s 3rd District

I have been dealing with Tourettes since I was 8 years old. I am now 32 and doing well but it has been a long road. I hate my tics and they sometimes caused me problems. Over time I have grown to accept my tics as part of me, as well as others around me. I was not diagnosed until I was 16 and I think if I had been it would have been easier on me socially. I 100% support research of Tourette’s Syndrome. Just like anything else, Tourette’s Syndrome will take time and money to find a cure or better treatment for. I have been luck with my medications but so many people take medications that cause them unwanted side effects and can even cause sterility in women. Since I have become more accepting of my condition I have become more and more supportive of advocacy efforts toward the research and education of Tourette’s Syndrome. Please allow this bill to pass.

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