Deep-brain stimulation helping with Tourette Syndrome, OCD

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following research article was pulled from the website of the Gainesville Sun, was written by Kristine Cane and was published on October 17. A decade ago, deep-brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease was considered a risky procedure. Today, it’s… Continue Reading


Multi-strategy treatment controls Tourette Syndrome-related tics

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following research article was pulled from the Psychiatry News section of Psychiatry Online and was written by Joan Arehart-Treichel. Although youth with Tourette Syndrome tics often outgrow them, some individuals do not. And while antipsychotic medications can… Continue Reading


Webinars and Rutgers clinic can help with academic accommodations and assessments

The most recent webinar offered by the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) focused on academic accommodations, and another webinar tomorrow, August 22 will do the same. However, as children age and go through the educational process, accommodations… Continue Reading


Tourette Syndrome patients with tics can benefit from Omega-3 fatty acids

Tourette Syndrome has a whole bag of things to manage. Omega-3 fatty acids might not be able to help with all of them, but helping tic-related impairments is a good start. A new placebo, double-blind randomized study for kids with… Continue Reading