Another story of a special needs child being grossly mistreated

As the mother of a special needs child, I find the story about an 8-year-old special needs child being handcuffed and thrown in jail for throwing a tantrum very unacceptable. The child needed psychiatric intervention in the case where a parent or alternative solution was unavailable.

Special needs cases are delicate and unpredictable, at best. My child was removed from school for a similar reason, the school’s solution being to provide him with 6 or less hours of private instruction per week, 2 days a week. I don’t see the rages the school describes in my child at home, so sending him to a tutoring program at the one place the teachers have caused him to come to hate made no sense to me at all.

Instead, I decided to home school. Inevitably, as many of you warned me, a DYFS investigation was launched, fueled by the school’s upset over losing funding from a special needs child. As per protocol, knowing my rights, I have delayed the investigation until it fits into my schedule (know your rights, you don’t have to allow these people into your home, no matter how much they insist, and they can only demand entrance if there is a probable cause to believe imminent danger to the child/children and they have a police escort with a warrant).

This will all be included in my next blog,  which I will write as soon as I do allow the investigation to be completed — probably today. My personal opinion on this, this child needs to be removed from the school and put in an alternative school or in a home-school setting and needs psychiatric intervention, as her current school, much like the one my child attended, is obviously ill-equipped to facilitate her particular needs.

If the school can’t provide a safe environment, and the child has a meltdown, rage, or reaction to a disorder, the child needs to be placed in an environment which will enable her to thrive. I pray there is a support group ready to attend to this child and her family’s needs.

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  1. How can someone do this to a child, no matter what they are doing? Is this even legal? What is it with our society? This isn’t just about a special needs child, this is an indcitment of our society in general. Terrible. Just terrible.

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