Against all odds

Hope you enjoy this blog I’m featured in. All you people living with Tourette Syndrome all over the world that I know don’t know, have been social friends with so many years, and love, learn from and communicate with — this is for you!

This link gives you a portion of a real view of my life trials, tribulations, ignorances discriminations, judgements, assumptions and misconceptions that people in general have or throw at me as an African-American living in public housing for years and having Tourette Syndrome, no money and no job. I’ve never sold drugs to survive, even through my hardships I’ve dealt with.

I know our misunderstood lifestyle is hard to live with, the stuff we deal with. Please let this inspire you. More to come for a future book. This is real yo! Geez Wizz!!!!

Don’t give up on God, yourself, life. It’s real. H.I.T. — hang in there. Enjoy.

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