Adults struggle with Tourette Syndrome, too

I am not a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome; however, I myself have been living with TS for most of my life. I wrote a short essay about my personal experience living with TS that I will post soon because I strongly believe it can help parents of children with TS better understand the disorder. I’ve already posted it on other TS-related web sites, and it was well received and appreciated.

I was diagnosed with TS very late in life — which is not a good thing, as you know — and I never had any family support because of incredible ignorance … until I met my wife. So my struggles in dealing with the condition were many, as you may imagine. That is it for now, and thanks for reading what I have to say.

Most of us go through life without realizing the difficulties experienced by those who have some form of physical or mental disability.

— Terry Waite

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