A work in progress

Part of my New Year’s Resolution is that I am not going to be such a pushover in regards to the boy. Sometimes, it is easier to give in to him, and it is such a fine line to pull him past his comfort zone. I have been steadfast in making him toilet independently (giving exception only to illness related needs).

Let me tell you, this has not been easy. He screams, threatens, stomps, protests… you name it. But, on Sunday evening, he did it alone — under duress, but alone. I am so proud of him and myself. What are you working on right now for yourself or your children?

And how do your children feel about living with Tourette Syndrome? My boy is confident in conversation but suppresses tics while in public. I don’t know if he realizes he is holding them in. But I am very proud of the way he talks about himself, though. He seems to have a depth of self-acceptance most people don’t achieve until adulthood!

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  1. That’s a rippa of a resolution! I hope you stick to it. Encouragement, support and love are such an important part of raising a TS youngster. We sometimes lose sight of that as mums and dads!

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