A boy’s tics … are they really Tourette Syndrome?

Here’s another question from one of our readers on our Facebook page. Tanya asks:

I’d like to know more about people’s tics. My son Ryan’s behavior is so odd, and I question, if it is really Tourette Syndrome? For example, Ryan’s tics are mainly vocal, yet today he held a conversation with an imaginary person in the bathroom. When he came back to watch TV, he kept looking at the bathroom saying, “It’s no good. I’ll have to go back.” He returned to the bathroom saying, “Come on, come on tummy, out you come.” He was chatting to no one, but had to do it. It’s weird. Is this part of Tourette?


  1. Excessive talking can be part of ADHD, which often is associated with TS. Does your son have ADHD? My son does, and he chatters a lot!

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