A big thank-you to one of our volunteers!

Today, on the last day of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada’s Volunteer Month, we’d like to thank the thanker. In addition to being a Trek Coordinator and member of the TSFC’s National Board of Directors, Sherri Brayshaw-Spencer (pictured above at far right) is the head of the Volunteer Recognition Committee. She does a great job thanking our incredible volunteers for their great jobs, and we wish to thank her for hers. Says Julie (pictured above at far left) from the Winnipeg Chapter:

I’d like to recognize Sherri Brayshaw-Spencer for her genuine and heartfelt contributions to the individuals and families involved with the Winnipeg Chapter. Her ongoing efforts to raise awareness and bring people living with TS and their families together through various events and activities does not go unnoticed. Her ability to connect with people, share stories and give hope is a special gift. We appreciate all of her countless volunteer hours! A huge thank you to Sherri for being an incredible volunteer!

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