Emma – A Mom’s Story

I’ve decided to start blogging/journaling my sons Tourette’s journey as a means of therapy for myself and to find others in the same boat.

My sons first tics became apparent as soon as he started school, the transition from the freedom of nursery to the structure of the classroom triggered a number of motor tics and at one stage parents thought his involuntary leg movement was him trying to kick others.

We monitored the condition over the years and ensured he had a daily magnesium supplement. Dealt with the school issues of him calling out and being impulsive and fended off the shouts that he has ADHD/anxiety and is just a down right attention seeker!!

Fast forward another 2 years and we were given the TS diagnosis but as a mother who didn’t want to label her child we continued to tell him he just has tics.

Things have taken a turn for the worse recently, almost 13 years, hormones and exams plus a little bullying seem to be a catalyst for the worst tics all coming at once and hence the start of another journey to help control things.

We have had an independent behaviour expert visit the school (guess what? He’s not naughty just a boy with Tourette’s not being handled correctly) started alternative therapy including acupuncture and chiropractic treatment and as of today dietary changes.

It’s definitely a learning curve for us all and through my blog and chatting to others I hope that we can manage the condition (hey maybe even cure it??)

Emma B (UK)



  1. Hi Emma!
    My daughter was misdiagnosed until she was 19 and attempted suicide. We were confused and exhausted, but having a diagnosis and a direction to go in helped.
    We started family therapy: my daughter on a separate evening than my husband and me. We just wanted to know how to talk to her and how to cope with her behaviors! This was the BEST thing we ever did for our family! My daughter is now happier, she is 31 years old and has finished college and lives with her best friend in an apartment nearby us. Because she is very compromised by TS we will always need to be near her and support her. She is the love of my life, but those early years were very difficult. Try and find a family therapist in your area that understands this disorder. Don’t give up! You will get through this! God bless you!

  2. TS diagnosis is certainty a challenge for every one concerned. This blog is very helpful. The tips are useful, and knowing that your not alone with this struggle..

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