Memory strips

Memory strips are essential teaching tools to assist students who need support with memory recall, organization, making good behavioral choices and using self-regulation strategies. Typically, students who have difficulties with attention because of ADHD, ADD and Tourette Syndrome will benefit… Continue Reading


Living with coprolalia is tough

My 9-year-old son was diagnosed with TS one year ago. He had motor tics since he was 2, but last year out came the vocal tics (spitting, coprolalia). He also has OCD making him have rituals and trouble leaving the… Continue Reading


Tics, faith and Believe.com

Are you thankful for tics this Thanksgiving season? You’re not? When my son was first diagnosed, I wasn’t either. But today, from a place of experience and growth, I am happy for the character building that has come from this… Continue Reading


What are your tic triggers?

When someone talks about what causes TS, they’re usually referring to the underlying genetic factors that lead a person to be born with it. But when a person talks about what triggers a tic, that’s entirely different. They want to… Continue Reading


Learning from kids with challenging behavior

This blog entry was first posted on Neurologically Gifted in August and was designed to be read in the days leading up to the start of a new school year. However, the principles in this entry still hold sway today,… Continue Reading


Through a child’s eyes

Having any sort of disorder can make a person have to grow up a little bit faster. I remember being a little girl, first diagnosed and not having a care in the world because I was not yet aware of… Continue Reading


Newbie here, with the story of my son

I am new to blogging, but I came across this site, and I thought maybe I had something to contribute! My son Evan was diagnosed at age 6 in the first grade with TS. He had always had this little… Continue Reading


Guest blogger:10-year-old Sam Kaplun for “Project Give Back”

When I first heard of it, all that I knew about it was that I might have it! Tourette Syndrome. What the tic was that, I thought. My mom told me that she was worried about the fact that I… Continue Reading


Fifth-grade blues (for me)

At an informal parent meeting last Wednesday, I was told to brace myself for the fact that peers would be more important than parents this year. Hairdos would trump propriety, and social obligations would outweigh homework priorities. In my heart… Continue Reading


New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome highlighted on 101.5 FM feature

On Monday, the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome was highlighted by 101.5 FM’s popular “What’s So Great About the Garden State?” feature. Here is the written portion that accompanied the radio interview, as posted on the 101.5 FM website:… Continue Reading