Always on the clock

Started my 4th week of teaching yesterday, and it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions. My time management skills have proven only that I’ve given the majority of my time to my job and rarely anything else. It will get better.

Jacob has been doing well. His dad has been playing the part of mom and dad, and I feel terrible that I’ve been so busy. He’s in very good hands, though, and I’m thankful that his dad and grandma have been taking such good care of him.

His tics are still a day-to-day battle to keep under control, but middle school has his days filled with new experiences, and so far no one has made a big deal of his movements. Some of his teachers have even reported that they rarely see them.

I hope everyone is hanging in there, and we shall prevail … one way or another. May each of you be blessed and know that you’re always in my thoughts. Busy bee I am, but I’m always on the clock for my son and keeping with the mission to speak out with and for Tourette Syndrome. Battle on!

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