2013 goals: What are yours?

The holidays are over.



Time to get back to a routine again. My kids are FERAL. I mean, it’s bad. And who can really blame them? We’ve given them a steady diet of sugar, no sleep, gifts, music, song, lights and social events. It’s time to open up a big beefy can of Reality Check and start over.

This leads me to my top 10 goals for 2013. (Yes, I have 10. Because I do best when I am busy. A-Personality Type? Helllooooo!)

1. A Spiritual Home: Although we go to church every Sunday, and I do a Bible Study on my own, I’d like to give my kids a more enriched spiritual life. This very well might mean staying where we are for church and getting more involved, or it might mean moving on (finally) to something more engaging. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that my God is one of transformation. I love my Catholic rituals and the sacredness, but I also love the more boisterous congregations where God is front and center in EVERYTHING from youth groups to outreach. Maybe there is a happy medium. I’m ready to have their lives be less about them and more about what they can do for others. Perhaps this means 10 minutes of scripture reading at night. Maybe a steady volunteer gig? I will let you know. (What about you? What do your kids do?)

2. An Organized Home: My home is 3 bedrooms. We have a renter, which means my kids share a living space. There is a fine line between not spending a boat load on organizational systems and not living in squalor. Same goes for all the other rooms of my house. With a place for everything, I can finally finish my book, blog more, take on some new projects and enjoy company.

3. More Independent Children: My kids are generally kind and courteous, but they have gotten quite obnoxious lately. Apparently they think it’s my job to cook, clean, entertain and remind them of everything from putting away their socks to clearing the table. No more. Along with #2, they are going to become more involved in actively participating in household chores.

4. Writing: I would like to blog 3 times/week. I am happiest when doing so.

5. Reading: I am ready to get back to reading about other people’s lives. I have met some very dear people through their writing and I am ready to get back to it.

6. Book: I am going to finish that darn book! I’m about 2 months away if I remain disciplined.

7. Exercise: Right before my mom broke her hip two weeks ago I had been working out every morning immediately after I dropped off the kids. It was a life changer for my disposition. I remained calm, peaceful and joyful throughout Christmas. I will continue that!

8. $: I will continue to make a small income eBay or a job or a corporate blog or magazine writing or a part time job. This is something I can do in conjunction with my book if I am disciplined with a schedule.

9. Marriage: I want to spend more time with my husband this year. For a long time it was about the Tourettes and feeling sorry for myself. Now that I have a handle on Stink’s tics, it’s time to give gratitude to the guy who makes the money that allows me to write and stay home and set all my goals. I will never be a submissive anything you say wife (tried that, done that, not a good scene) but I don’t need to be an aggressive me me me wife either. It’s going to be about time together, boundary setting and joy.

10. Family: I don’t spend enough time with my immediate family. By having more of a routine with church and a organzied home, there will be more opportunity to focus on what really matters in life. It’s people, not stuff, that grease my wheels.

So there you have it. I feel so much better having put this on paper! So, what about YOU? What are your goals?


  1. @TS Mum – Those are great goals. As I sit here listening to my son’s first vocal tic in a few months, – arrrrrrggggg…. I will attempt to do the same. Much love to you dear TS MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My 2013 goals:

    Continue to learn more about TS so I can help others.
    Learn to accept the things I cannot control.
    Lose some weight.
    Love unconditionally.
    Wake up every day realizing how lucky I am to be alive!

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