2013: A better school year for my son

I’m determined to make 2013 a better year for Jacob. I’m diving back into research and I’m going to find him an entire toolbox full of things to make school easier for him. Time to move past the talk and take some action. So far, he has books to keep his feet firmly planted, stress balls, and a device called a MotivAider (which I highly recommend) that vibrates at set intervals to remind him to focus. He needs more. I’ll post what I find.

I do have a favor. Does anyone else have difficulty with math, or does your child have difficulty with math? It seems to be quite common with a great number of the Tourette Syndrome parents I have talked to.

Jacob cannot remember his times tables (he gets to accommodations for this in his IEP) and he has problems focusing and staying on task. His doctor says he most likely has ADHD in conjunction with the TS, but meds for the ADHD would make the tics worse.

Anyone have suggestions or ideas that you have found successful? He’ll be going to middle school next year, and I’d really like to have him more academically confident. You can comment here or on my Embracing Difference Facebook page. Thanks!


  1. What kind of Tourettes does your child have? I have a child with Tourettes that started with twitching and head shaking and blinking but it turned into incontrollable verbal usage of the “f” word in high school. It was a total nightmare and I went through some very hard times with him in school. Especially since he went to a Christian school. He graduated at the bottom few of his class but he did graduate. He is now 24 and shows no signs of Tourettes. I just want moms to know there is hope but you have to fight for your child. I am sure you know this already. My son had ADHD in conjunction with TS and it was the medication that brought out the Tourettes in full bloom so take heed and do not give him the meds for ADHD. It’s a battle! Hang in there! Sports helped my son a lot by the way.

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