An update on supplements and behavior

Last week, I wrote about how everyone should try supplements to help with their kids if they have Tourette Syndrome, OCD or another associated neurological disorders. Here’s a brief update of how things are going on our end in that regard:… Continue Reading


Deep-brain stimulation helping with Tourette Syndrome, OCD

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following research article was pulled from the website of the Gainesville Sun, was written by Kristine Cane and was published on October 17. A decade ago, deep-brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease was considered a risky procedure. Today, it’s… Continue Reading


You’re not alone: My son and I have walked in your shoes

My son, Garrett, used to have full-blown tics — both vocal and physical tics. He was an avid hunter and premier soccer player prior to his Tourette Syndrome exploding. Garrett wanted to stop the tics by taking an overdose, and as a result, he missed… Continue Reading


10 ways to get your kid to work around the house

If you read my post on Friday about child behavior being in the eye of the beholder, you’d know that I promised to give you 10 ways to get your kid to work around the house. Well, I’m a woman… Continue Reading


Child behavior is in the eye of the beholder

As you all know, I’m hardly an expert on behavior. But I can speak for the facts, and those are that my kids really like each other. It’s not because my daughter sucks it up to hang out with my… Continue Reading


October is National Bullying Prevention Month!

Today on the website of the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome, there is a National Bullying Prevention Month story featuring Dr. Stuart Green, who is the director of the New Jersey Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention and an… Continue Reading


Support the 5K walk in Mendham for Tourette Syndrome

Please support the 5K walk in Mendham for Tourette Syndrome on Saturday, November 3. The more money donated, the more we can support our family members and friends with the right tools and understanding of TS. We walk to make… Continue Reading


Everyone should try supplements

Above is what I give to Stink every morning. I am adding in some other nutrients I ordered by mail toward the end of the week. He’s still taking his 2mg/Intuniv for focus. So far, no changes. Lots of low… Continue Reading


Advocating for your kid

After everything we went through this summer and last spring with UCLA and their “wonderful” Intuniv program, Stink’s tics are worse than ever. His focus is up, but what is the trade off? The ability to sit still while clicking… Continue Reading


ROAD TRIP! We’ve got a busload going to the TS walk — join us!

Last year, when we decided to do the New Jersey Walks For TS event as an extended family on behalf of our son, Ethan, 10, we had two goals in mind: We wanted to raise money for the New Jersey Center for… Continue Reading