Stress can cause tics to rage out of control

I sit here on a Sunday observing my daughter from afar. She is working on decorating a cake for one of her art classes and the project is due tomorrow. My heart aches as I watch her because her tics… Continue Reading


Beginning of the school years can be tough

This will be the first of maybe two or three posts which deal directly with the school years, as I intend to elaborate on them from the time my daughter was diagnosed with TS and ADD. I would like to… Continue Reading


Bevy of tics and medication don’t keep daughter from being ‘great’

The intent of my first post was basically to introduce my daughter and I to this site — to give a brief overview of how it all started and were we are at this moment. I, as many of you who… Continue Reading


A hearty NJCTS thanks to all our contributors and readers

On behalf of the entire staff and network of board members, presenters and volunteers that make the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders (NJCTS) what it is, I would like to extend a gracious THANK YOU to… Continue Reading


Complex set of tics making Dylan’s life much more difficult

If you ask him, “How are the tics? Are they bothering you?” he will shrug and say, “I don’t know,” but that’s not quite true. He’s 13 – the tics are intense and he can be driven to tears at… Continue Reading


5 things that can help with tics

When my son was first diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at 4, I didn’t want to put him directly on meds. His tics were mild and simply didn’t warrant them. I was open to the idea of drugs should his symptoms… Continue Reading


Not Making It Up: The first of many posts about doctors

I am sitting here eating the most ridiculous dinner ever (one protein bar, one Klondike bar, one Diet Pepsi), feeling quite proud of myself for not having a vodka martini instead.  Frankly, I feel like crying. As I mentioned in… Continue Reading


Everyday tasks are insurmountable obstacles

Why is everything a fight with her? This was our daily, sometimes hourly, lament with Bean. She would fight having her teeth brushed, fight getting her face washed, fight getting in the car seat, fight getting strapped into the stroller.… Continue Reading


Battle with tics was rough, but daughter now is succeeding in college

I am unsure exactly when the TS actually started. From the time my daughter was about 2 years old, she began to experience what at the time was believed to be allergies and asthma; therefore, she was treated with medication… Continue Reading


Infant behavior before Tourette

Hi all.  I was wondering if your child had any “strange” infant /toddler behavior?  My son with TS was a C-section baby (my daughter was a C-section as well and has no symptoms) and a screamer. I say “colicky” but… Continue Reading