10 things that work for me in overcoming Tourette Syndrome stress

This is a marathon, people, not a sprint. How I wish I had someone tell me that 6 years ago. But now I’m learning. Here are 10 things that have worked for me in terms of overcoming the stress and day-to-day grind of having a child with Tourette Syndrome and other disorders:

  1. Find a support group (This blog, a private group I have)
  2. Be open with friends (I have some awesome folk in my life)
  3. Pray (It really works)
  4. Find a prayer support group
  5. Exercise
  6. Set goals for yourself
  7. Be honest – some days just suck. There’s no point in pretending otherwise. Just know you can always start over.
  8. Yes, really, you START OVER. Every second that passes is a new opportunity to start fresh.
  9. Focus on the kid and his/her gifts, not just the tics.
  10. Work on accepting the tics you can’t change, changing the tics you can, and having the wisdom to know the difference.


  1. Wow – your timing on this is so perfect as I have had the most stressful few weeks, actually few months. no actually 5 years of my life! And it’s all manifested in a stomach issue that is totally stress related – now it’s all affecting my health! I’ve got to put the oxygen mask on myself first and it’s so hard to do. I find that I do most of the things on your list – really appreciate the suggestions and will try to add what I don’t do and do the other things more often!

    What a long strange trip it’s been.

    • Hi JO, thanks for posting! We were actually just about to contact you, wondering if you will be attending the TS walk this year in Mendham. It’s a little more than 2 weeks away, and we’ve noticed that neither you nor your team from last year has signed up yet. We’d love to have you again!!!

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