You can do anything … even drive!

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, I’m 14 years old, and I have Tourette Syndrome. I can be a bit of a worrier since I also have Anxiety Disorder. I have pondered many things and also worried about many things in my life. I’m really anxious about the things I can and cannot do.

I always try really hard to do the things my brain tells me I can’t do. One of the things I’m not sure I’ll be able to do with Tourettes is drive. This worries me a lot since I am going to start Driver’s Ed in March.

What if I get one of those old, crabby teachers and they don’t have any patience with me to start with? What will I do if I have to tic? I have to be in the car for at least two hours! Those Driver Ed cars are kind of small. Will I have any leg room?

When I have to drive in the car, and I have to straighten my legs, what will I do? Floor it? What about when I need to squat? Take my feet off the pedals? When I need to blink real hard? Not look at the road? When I have to scrunch up my arms? To clap? To rub my wrists together? Will I just take my hands off the wheel?

I don’t know if I will ever get my license, but I’m going to try my hardest. I’ll push through it. I’m determined to drive one day even though I have Tourette’s. There are tons of things in life and many situations in which you may be told you cannot do something. I’m here to tell you to do it anyways.

I am a dancer — while on stage, I am distracted and I barely tic. I am a singer — while singing, I distract myself easily and do not tic. I play guitar — I can almost get through a whole song without doing one of my hand tics. I act — I can disguise my tics on stage. I write — I don’t let anyone stop me from doing the things I love.

I have moderate-severe Tourette Syndrome, and I can still do these things. If you try really hard, you can do whatever you want. People with Tourette’s are just like anyone else. Stick up for yourself to the bullies and move on. You can accomplish anything if you try. It may be hard, but life is hard.

I have Tourettes’, but Tourette’s doesn’t have me.

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  1. Hey Emma,

    Great post! I’m 18 now, but when I started driving back when I was your age, the very same thoughts ran through my head. I couldn’t fathom how I would be able to get into the car for my driving test, and have the instructor allow me to get a license if he saw me tic. But I got through it, just like thousands of other kids do. We’re all here for each other and that’s what makes this blog so special. I can tell you’re confident that you can get through whatever obstacle is in your way, and I’m sure you will!

    Good luck!


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