What makes me happy? Writing, singing, family, friends

Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.

~ Burton Hills

Hello everyone. I had a huge argument with my second mom last night, and we had to have a two-hour talk about what happened so we could resolve things. Everything started getting really bad by February.

I had been feeling unloved,. I had been giving up on myself for school, happiness, and so forth, and I have been extremely depressed and left out. I am slowly getting back into the habit of taking my Zoloft and my Omega-3 gummies, which have been helping me with my moods a little bit.

I am feeling much better about school now that I’m back on pace. Every time me and my second mom have our talks after arguments, I respect her more and more because she shows me that she really is trying hard to be the best second mom she can be.

So because of everything that has been going on, I have decided to tell you a good amount of the things that make me happy so that way I can try and return to normal.

I am writing a fantasy series. I am working on my first book called “Skyward.” I am on Chapter 6 right now. I haven’t been writing much of it for a few weeks now because I haven’t been feeling really inspired, but I assure all of you that I will be pushing myself to write more and more these next few months so I can get it finished.

In musical theater, I have a solo and I am so excited about it. I will be singing “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. The cool thing is I don’t tic at all when it comes to singing, acting or dancing. Before and after, I tic like crazy, but while I’m performing it, I forget about my disabilities completely. It’s like I’m in another world — a peaceful world.

I have made a couple of new friends, and one of them is like me. She wants to be a famous singer also. Going to Busch Gardens with them and my best friend was an awesome thing. When I ticked, nobody seemed to care. It was like no one noticed. I felt I could be myself. And, I went on a rollercoaster that I thought had no parts going upside down…I was wrong. I am never going on the ride again. But, I feel braver than ever.

My friends make me feel better and make me laugh all the time. No matter how angry, frustrated, upset, depressed, sad or agitated I am, they always make me smile. They love me for who I am. They are like my second family.

And, of course, my biological family is my heart and soul. Yes, we get on each other’s nerves, and yes, we get mad, but we always find a way to bring back the happiness. We love and support each other no matter what.

And, finally, Twitch and Jerk and the Teens4TS blog make me excited and happy all the time. Twitch and Jerk sometimes makes me feel like I’m living a double life. I love giving advice to people. I love helping everyone who needs help, and I love the love we all share. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Teens4TS is such a great blog, too. I love being a part of it and sharing my posts with my fans on Twitch and Jerk. I thank you all for taking the time to read this. It makes me feel tons better to list the things I love the most.

So my question of the week is: What makes you happy? I want to hear from you!



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