What is the definition of normal when you have Tourette Syndrome?

Hey guys! I was just wondering what everyone’s definition of “normal” is. I personally think there is no such thing … I mean, you can say I’m not normal because I have Tourette Syndrome, but I could say you’re not normal because you have brown eyes, and I have blue ones. No one is normal … or maybe everyone is their own type of normal.

Dictionary.com describes normal as: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.

It says “regular” and “natural”  and conforming to the “standard or the common type” and “usual.” But what is usual? It’s just a synonym. And what is standard or common? Who gets to say what is normal? Maybe different things are normal in different environments, such as what is normal in a specific clique at school or a culture.

But what is normal overall? What is normal for ALL of the cliques and EVERY single culture? Apparently I’m not normal, because I have Tourette, but doesn’t everyone have a little something? Maybe I’m normal and you’re not. Normal may speak as what the majority of the population does or thinks, but wouldn’t that just be popular?

One of my former classmates asked me this. She must have thought my videos and blog were a joke or something. She says that she knows I’m not normal, but who is she to judge if I am normal or not? Who is she to say that I’m the weird one out? I do have Tourette, and I’m not one of those cruel people who joke about disorders. She wasn’t joking about my disorder, but the way that she said she knew I wasn’t normal was a bit rude.

Also, I saw this (below) in a book I was reading. People with Tourette are not morons, and no one has the right to call someone a moron. I know everyone was taught not to in preschool, so why do people keep making fun of others? I’m not saying I’m perfect, and that I’ve never made a snide remark, but that barely ever happens, and if I’m calling you a bitch, then you really are a bitch.

I just wonder if this author, Sara Shepard, ever stopped to think, “What if some of my readers had Tourette? How would they react? Would they stop reading my books?” I didn’t stop reading the book because it was just too good to stop reading. All you have to do is brush off someone’s comment, because if they are saying something to pull you down, that means they are already lower than you.

That mean girl at school that is always bothering you? She’s not as good as you if she has to pick on you to feel good about herself. Always keep that in mind, and the next time she says something mean, just be nice back to her. Kill em’ with kindness! And always be kind to everyone, for all people are going through their own struggles. No one is to judge whose struggles are worse, and whose are easier. No one is to say who is normal, and who is not normal. No one can bring you down, unless you let them.

Seriously, treat others the way you want to be treated. You never know what they could be going through. If you’re having a hard time with bullies or people who are “normal” and classify you as “not normal”, always remember, they could end up working at a Taco Bell one day because they are too rude to work high up in a business branch.

That is a total exaggeration, but seriously think about it. That stereotypical popular dumb jock who pushes you around is probably going to have the same job he has now in high school  until retirement. Guys like those live in the good times and never grow up. Gosh, haven’t you seen the movies? ;)

And if I EVER see that someone has told another person to kill themselves, I will be furious. You never know how that person actually feels about themselves. I remember I went through a really rough time in the seventh grade where I was extremely depressed. I’m really glad no one told me to go kill myself, because when people tell others that, the reaction is usually not very positive.

I mean, there was once when my friend’s ex-boyfriend told me, “Go home and just kill yourself. Nobody loves you. Just kill yourself.” And those words have always stuck in my mind. What I just wrote is an exact quote. He was joking, but I was going through a very rough time when he told me that.

Of course, I didn’t kill myself, since I’m obviously writing this. There’s always at least one thing in someone’s life that they have to live for. If you ever feel depressed, I’d be happy to lift you up. You can just email me at lifesatwitch.emma@gmail.com. I’m there for everyone and anyone.

Anyway, please take my words into consideration, and as always, thank you for reading. :)



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  1. Emma, this is extremely well said. With your positive outlook, I’m sure you will go far in life. My son has Tourette’s Syndrome, so I have some idea of what you go through each day. (I have a favorite quote that comes to mind when I read your post: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt) Keep believing in yourself and focus on the positive people in your life. I always tell my three children that you should treat people the way that you want to be treated, no matter what. Positive thoughts lead to positive things; negative to negative. I am very glad that I took the time to read this. Obviously, you do not define yourself by your Tourette’s. You know who you are and that you are capable of great things. All the best, Emma!

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