Vlogs: Everything related to Tourette Syndrome but the kitchen sink

  • One of the lesser known learning disabilities that can be associated with Tourette Syndrome is dysgraphia.
  • IEPs and 504s are powerful learning tools that people with TS and associated disorders can use to help make the education process easier.
  • Ignorant, truly uneducated “bad” teachers can make life very rough on a student who has TS.
  • But there are also some “good” teachers who truly get what it’s like to have TS and are all about helping students through that process.
  • Anxiety is a terrible thing to have, but it’s even worse when you have TS or OCD.
  • Panic attacks are an extension of anxiety. Learn how they can develop and the effect they can have on you.
  • Many, many people with Tourette Syndrome also suffer from OCD. See how it has affected me in this video.
  • Being bi-polar isn’t fun. In fact, it can turn into a manic condition.
  • Another aspect of being bi-polar is that it can turn into depression.


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