TS Documentary Preview #2: Meet Sam from New York

Hey everyone! As many of you may know from visiting my A Little Bit Different: Tourette Syndrome Facebook page, I’m in the middle of putting together another TS documentary with LoganK from Help Spread The Word About Tourette Syndrome. I thought I’d give you all a sneak peak at a few of the profiles going into that documentary.

Earlier today, I started with me. Now, you get to meet Sam from New York. Be nice to her! And to look at some of the rest, just check out the documentary album on my Facebook page!

My name is Sam, I am 13 and I live in Watertown, N.Y. I have had Tourette Syndrome since third grade … I believe I was 7 or 8 years old when the tics began. I have many tics right now. My most common tic is to crack my elbows and shoulders and also stretch my back.

I gag when something is gross, but the gag has to make a certain sound to be just right. I have had tics that I hardly notice and ones that are severe. When I go out in public, I get body tics and begin to bend at the waist. I crack almost every bone and I also bite my tongue.

The physical and emotional pain, that is the hardest part about having TS. Tics cause physical pain, and the people who don’t understand cause the emotional pain.

I am a kind person and I love playing volleyball, art, music, playing guitar, and I also love laughing. I’m a great big sister and friend. I just wish people knew that I do struggle with TS, even if I dont show it. But you have to live life, and I do my best to live my life happy.

It’s not easy when others do not understand TS and judge me or assume things. I am a lot like those without TS — I have passions and dreams — except sometimes I work a little harder to go after what I want. And sometimes, no matter how hard I try, someone gets in my way — or TS does.




  1. hi sam! im gonna write 2 u the same thing i wrote to molly: i am 2 shy 2 do 1 of these. its hard enough 4 me 2 post on here. i could never be public on anythin. but its graet that u r because it helps soooo many people!

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