Tourette Syndrome website started by running for school election

Believe it or not, there is a story behind my Help Spread The Word About Tourette Syndrome page on Facebook, and I feel like you all should know it.

It all began was I was enrolled in my current high school in 10th grade. I did not know anyone, and it wasn’t easy finding my cliques, so I got the idea to run for Vice President of my class. The purpose of running was to not win, but only to get my name out there so people would know who I am.

I had one of the best speeches; all 500 students clapped for me more than they did for any other candidate. I lost the election, but I found my clique a few days later.

Once elections were over, people were always asking me what I was doing with my neck, my nose and my mouth. After explaining what Tourette Syndrome was over and over and over again, in mid-September, I created a page on Facebook called “Help Spread the Word About Tourette Syndrome.”

It was meant to be a place to get information about TS instead of always asking me, but it turned into a place where people from all over the world could come together, share experiences and advice on TS.



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