Tourette Syndrome and OCD won’t stop me from rushing a sorority!

I never really thought I would really be saying this but, yesterday I rushed sororities at my college. Rush started Monday and lasts all week. I decided pretty last minute that I wanted to rush. At my college, sororities are really not all about partying, but instead they are more about making lifelong friends and doing community service.

This is the first time in a while that I have really thought to myself, “Please don’t let my tics be bad and ruin this.” Most of the time, my tics are part of my life and just part of why I am. I usually don’t worry too much about having tics in front of my friends or in my classes. I usually think to myself, “The people who like me for who I am — tics and all — will be my true friends.”

Rushing feels like a whole different world. My aunt (who was president for her sorority in college) told me not to tell anyone about my TS or OCD because during rush week she says everyone wants to think everyone is perfect even though most of them have differences and problems of their own.

She told me that telling people about my TS or OCD might hurt my chances of getting into a sorority. Once you’re in, she says it’s a sisterhood of support for who you really are. Before you’re in, though, she says its all about being who they want you to be. I don’t know if any of this is true, but for now I seem to be stuck thinking “please don’t let my tics ruin this.”




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