Top TS moments from the Camp Twitch & Shout counselor reunion, No. 5

These are not in any particular order! I just wrote them down as I thought of them. These are the top 5 moments that relate to Tourette’s that happened during the Camp Twitch and Shout counselor reunion weekend. Here’s No. 5:

I have a tic where I say the word “No” forcefully. My friends at college usually just ignore my tics, which sometimes I certainty like, but other times I like it when people joke with me about my tics. So on the reunion one of my fellow counselors at camp who does not have Tourette’s herself and who is super sweet and who I got to know a lot better this weekend, would say something funny to make light of the situation when I did my “No” tic.

I loved this! It took all the pressure off and let me know that she accepted me tics and all. A lot of times, my “No” tic comes at funny times — like right after someone asks a question or right after someone says something, so it sounds like I’m disagreeing with them very strongly! In reality, though, it’s just a tic!

The first time I did my “No” tic around her it came at a funny moment in the conversation. In response, she laughed and exclaimed “I love Tourette’s” Then many other times she would say “Yes!” right after I did the tic or say something else like “But we do have to turn this way!” This made me feel really comfortable around her because not only did I know she accepted me for who I am, but I also got a kick out of the fact that my “No” tic was amusing to her.

Look for No. 4 tomorrow!




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