Top TS moments from the Camp Twitch & Shout counselor reunion, No. 3

These are not in any particular order! I just wrote them down as I thought of them. These are the top 5 moments that relate to Tourette’s that happened during the Camp Twitch and Shout counselor reunion weekend. Here’s No. 3:

On the last day, when we were getting ready to leave, I was doing my stomping tic a lot. The same person who comments after my “No” tic asked me if I live in the dorms in college. I told her that I do and described how I live in a suite with three of my closest friends in college.

Then she asked if I live on the second floor. I said I do. She then said, “I was asking because of that tic (she was referring to my stomping tic)” and then said something like I must be friends with the people who live under me. I told her I actually don’t know the people who live under me!

The stomping tic was more frequent on the trip than it really has ever been at school. It will be interesting to see what happens if the tic will stick around and be as frequent when I go back to school.

Anyway, the reason this is No. 3 is because she was curious about my tic and how it affected me at school, and she just asked me so casually — which is something that may seem so small to other people, but in reality it is not for me!

My friends from school or other people hardly ever do this. If they are curious about my tics or any other things that relate to my Tourette’s, they are too worried that asking would offend me somehow — even though I tell people to ask me questions if they want to know anything.

I wish people in the regular world were able to just ask me when they are curious about my Tourette’s. It makes me so much more relaxed when other people are able to ask questions, it makes me feel like it’s not this huge elephant in the room.

After the grocery store, we went back to the hotel/suite and we all ate a home-cooked meal together at the table like a family. It was so sweet and special. :)

Look for No. 2 tomorrow! And in case you missed them, here is No. 5 and here is No. 4.



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