COLLEGE WEEK: Tics and OCD not dampening my sophomore year!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our first College Week a few weeks back was such a success, we’ve decided to have another one! Please enjoy posts through Friday about the college experiences of students with Tourette Syndrome!

Hey guys! I am back at college, first year behind me! Classes are going great, and I am loving all of my teachers so far. Ratemyprofessor.com is incredible with finding good teachers, and I definitely recommend that for kids who are going into college or already are in college.

Moving in was a rough day for me. My OCD acted up the earliest it ever had, around 12:30. Also, it didnt help that my tics weren’t the best, either. I had been trying to not eat at night, and I would chew gum so I wouldn’t go looking for food, but something in the gum made my tics worse. They are slowly getting better, but it’s still a struggle.

Anyways, moving in was rough for me, but I got through it. It’s always hard in the moment to think of anything else for me. My therapist said that I have purely obsessive OCD, where all I have are the thoughts, and the few compulsions I have are because of my thoughts. So I’m there, trying to concentrate on anything but my crazy OCD thoughts, and they’re just there — hitting me with little thoughts throughout the day.

I got through it, though, but it was hard. I was just so overwhelmed with everything that day that I couldn’t take it. Now, being here for almost a week, it’s been alot easier. I feel more comfortable here than ever before, especially because all of my friends are living on the same floor as I am. I had a lot of ups and downs freshman year, and now, being a sophomore, it’s a lot better.

I am loving my sophomore year, and my tics and OCD are not holding me back — just as they should not for you! Remember, your tics and OCD are only as strong as you let them be!




  1. I’m 16 & not really looking forward to college. Idk why. It just scares me. Was it like that for you at first?

    • It can seem like a scary thing, new people, new experiences, I totally understand. But its so much fun. When moving in I just talked to everybody and was very friendly, and people returned my kindness. I was nervous of course but so was everyone else! It took a little while but I began to build friends and kept those friendships as time passed. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job of explaining it or not lol. But honestly, when I was 16, I wasn’t looking forward to college either, I didn’t even want to think about it! But as time goes on and you get older, you’ll probably become more interested in it. Don’t worry, when the time comes you’ll be ready!

      • Thanks Katie! :):):) That made me feel better. I have alot of friends but college seems so big and pretty scary when it comes to thinking that there are sooooo many more people who potentially could make fun of you. I hate that. I’ve been bullied alot.

        • That just breaks my heart to hear that you’ve been bullied. I was extremely lucky, I was barely made fun of growing up. But, I want to let you know that people in college are alot more understanding about it. Everyones more mature. I actually just had a class yesterday when I talked about my tourettes, and before I said anything I asked who didnt know what it was and no one raised their hand! Everyone in the class knew what it was!!!!! I was completely shocked and sooo happy. But yes it can be hard. Do you usually talk about it to your classes to inform them about it? My dad and I had been doing that since 4th grade for me so I’m used to talking about it. I suggest in college and even now to tell the students about it to help them understand. It might not make the bullying stop, but it will hopefully lessen it.

          • Katie, thank you so much for responding to Sabrina. We’re sure it means a lot to her! In your reply you mentioned that you talked about your TS in front of a class yesterday. Do you think you could blog about it? That would be fantastic! :)

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