Tics and music

Hello everyone. I’ve never spoken of this on here because I had forgotten to. I figured out about a year ago that there are certain songs that make my tics go off. A song that my mom is in love with that she has on a CD makes me tic like crazy! I want to like the song, but it’s really hard to when I’m in constant pain.

Last night, I was listening to one of my favorite songs and my tics started going crazy and I felt like I was about to start seizing. I felt like my carotid artery was moving even though it can’t move. It was very disturbing and scary, but I figured that my exhaustion had something to do with it. It was still terrifying.

My mom just found some Zoloft that I can start getting back into my system. Does anyone else here start ticking out of nowhere while listening to a certain song? Hope you all have a pleasant day! :)




  1. This happens to me too, it really sucks because I could rarely ever listen to my favorite music which is classic punk. It just gives me too much adrenaline that I start to tic like crazy.

  2. Dude there are definitely certain songs that make my tics just go mad but there’s also ones that calm me down!! I have 2 separate playlists to differentiate the two ^^

    • Same here usually. It’s uncommon for my tics to go off when I sing. But, I’ve figured out that when I get irritated or really tired, my tics go off even with some music on. :)

  3. When I listen to music, my tics tend to calm down. Especially when I am listening to one of my favorite bands. Maybe there are songs that oppose the ones that enhance your tics. That could help.

  4. music doesnt really bother me. more than just a few people talking, like in a big room or at a party or the mall or something is what really bothers me.

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