This isn’t a disorder to be made fun of

Tourette isn’t just jerking of the muscles and vocalizations. It can be very violent as well. I’ve had several injuries, and this is a “mild” example of one of them. I hate this tic. I have to punch and hit everything. The tic is in my knuckles. I try and hold if off so long, but it doesn’t work!

This one will make me cry and beg on my knees to make it stop. The urge to do it is horrific, and sitting there watching yourself pound walls and doors is just straight up weird! Let alone PAINFUL! I dented our METAL door with my knuckles! Concrete tore it up a little. White wall painted on me. Some of the tan wall, too.

This isn’t a disorder to be made fun of.



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  1. ouch that looks like it really hurt. i hope no one is making fun of u johanna. but what do u say to someone who does make fun of u?

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