The smartest kid in town

*Insert hilarious intro* Hello people of the interwebs, and welcome to an emergency post. I just got an exclucive private tour of my school and, well, let’s just say me and my mom got enormous news. First off, my teachers — Ms. Endreas and Mr. Olive — are amazingly nice and for once, CARE. My God, they are so very epic.

I mean, Mr. Olive is not the kind of teacher to well, give paperwork. And those teachers who like to have experiments and are very bored with sitting down to read are very rare — well, where I live anyways.

The lockers are old school with a twist. Actually, it isn’t really old school if you think about it.They are simple generic lockers with no lock, but they have a little sliding thing. The thing about that slider is it doesn’t open my locker. It’s actually way easier than that. You open it as if you are opening a fridge door. Wow. But they have a hidden camera inside so no one can steal your stuff.

The guidance counselor — oh Lord, so many things to type, but we shall stick to the big and important stuff:

  1. His son has Tourette. Wow, that was short and to the point.
  2. He likes chess and pulls students out of class to play. I. Love. Chess.
  3. He gave us the big news. OK, now for the huge news. OK, let’s do this. He was going to look up my state test scores. I told him I knew it by heart. He asked me what they were. I told him 227. About an hour later, my mom spoke in private with him. As we were leaving, she told me what he said. He said I am offically the smartest kid in town — the entire Buena district!

Hopefully, your jaw is hanging. I gotta end it here, so bye. That’s all, folks!




  1. Hi Jaden. This is Mom Mom. I can’t believe what I’m reading, well on second thought I do. You sound like a grown up talking . It’s been awhile since I got on your blog so I am just readiing your dissertation now. You sound just like you talk in person. I’m thrilled that you have nice teachers. It makes for a better school experience. Did you learn to play chess? I never liked chess. Hope you’re good at it. I’m using my kindle to write this and it’s a pain. Keep blogging so we can keep up with the latest news. You are my little genius. Love you to pieces. MM

  2. Hi Jaden,

    I love reading your posts….. Your amazing & very special …… God has blessed you with unbelievable intelligence & an amazing spirit. Im soooo happy you enjoyed your first day of school & pray for a fantastic year for you. Were so sad that we can’t be there to share this time with you……. But WE LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!! Xoxo

  3. Reading this back I noticed I mispelled Ms. Endres. But then again, Today was my first day of school and it was awesomesauce!

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